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Loes manufactures a wide variety of products to support the use of plastisol in various applications.  We make water based and solvent based paints and inks, mold release agents, plastisol primers, surface friction coatings, adhesives, putties and epoxies.


Our solvent based paints are used as inks to pad print tool handles and fishing lures. Our water based paints and inks are flexible, durable, exterior quality to restore gloss and color to weather aged PVC and other plastic substrates. Our solvent based adhesives are used in assembly applications, as laminating adhesives or repair adhesives on most thermoplastic products. Our mold releases and plastisol primers are industry proven products.


We make friction coatings that can be used to improve wet and dry skid for flexible PVC applications, or as a textile or glove coating.  Our specially formulated putties are used to repair and seal flexible PVC. Our epoxies can be formulated as floor coatings and vinyl coatings.

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