Vinyl Inks

Loes manufactures an assortment of specialized air-dry inks and paints for a variety of applications. Our Vinyl ink/paint for painting fishing lures is regarded by many of our customers as one of the best. We recently added a new process ink series for fishing lures for the ultimate in realism. Our new water-based paint system for vinyl products offers our customers an excellent alternative for those painting more rigid items. The water-based system has excellent scuff and UV resistance, and was initially designed for decorative boat bumpers.

The PI series is a solvent blended system, which can be used for Pad Printing.

The VI series is the same as the PI, except that it is designed to be sprayed.

PJL90 series is water based and can be brushed, dipped, sprayed. Because of inconsistent drying , pad printing is difficult, but not impossible with this series.