Textile Screen Printing Plastisols

Loes Enterprises manufactures a wide range of plastisol products used in screen printing applications, including our Vinacron® Series for the textile industry, and plastisols for work gloves, hospital socks, and other substrates. A new ink for banners has just been developed with specific outdoor UV inhibitors.

Loes' Vinacron® series of inks include an excellent assortment of Whites, High Production Inks, High Opacity, Low Bleed, Process, Puff, Suede, Fluorescents, High Density, Metallics, Glitters, PC's, Mixing Systems, Ink Additives and Bases, Nylon and Athletic Ink Series, Glow-in-the Dark, & Custom Color Matches.

Vinacron Inks feature:

  • Outstanding Color Consistency from lot to lot.

  • Creamy false body without the stickiness and dilatency of other inks.

  • Intense colors without the chalky appearance of other brands.

  • Low Build Up.

  • Fast Flashing.

  • Rheologically Consistent with a viscosity ideal for both automatic & manual printing.

  • Smooth Laydown.

  • Soft Feel.

  • Clear Buckets.

  • Excellent washability.

  • Keeps its body in the screen even after it's worked.

  • A Midwest owned family business with almost 40 years of Plastisol formulation experience.