Spray Coating Plastisols

For use when coating vertical pieces and hard to coat pieces. In spray coating, a spray gun is used to spray the plastisol on to metal or other substrate is used. Often times the parts are odd shaped or very large and can not be coated any other way. Spray coat plastisols contain 75-100% solids and are generally a high yield product (they have a high viscosity at low shear and a very low viscosity at high shear), this property allows them to level and then not drip off of the part. Parts are spray coated and then cured at 350° to 400°F.


1. Clean the metal part

2. If plastisol needs to adhere to metal see: Primers

3. Place the part in a spray booth and prepare the spray gun for use. Do some test spraying prior to use.

4. Spray the part and allow the plastisol to level.

5. Place the part in the oven at 350° to 400°F and allow the plastisol to get at least 350°F to insure proper fusion.

Spray Coat Equipment

Use a Graco President, Bulldog, or similar pump with a 15:1 or 30:1 ratio, and a Graco or Devilbis spray gun with a 0.030" or 0.010" spray nozzle. There are different spray nozzles to choose from for plastisols with different % solids and different coating thicknesses.