Roll Coating / Spread Coating

Roll Coating is one of the largest users of PVC plastisol. Roll coating is used to apply a layer of plastisol to fabric, release paper, carpet backing, clear top coats for flooring, vinyl lettering, walk off mats, fatigue matting, unsupported film, etc. These manufacturing processes use a large variety of products including foams, clear plastisols, organisols, and high-density materials.

There are many different types of coaters including knife, reverse roll, cast, and curtain.


1. Figure out which process you will use - what we have provided here is very brief. (See Black Brothers for animations that demonstrate different roll coating techniques.)

2. Pour the plastisol product into the well of the machine.

3. The substrate will be brought through the coater and a coating will be layed down.

4. Cure with an on line oven or heating device according to the substrate material.

5. Radiant heat will be used if the substrate can not withstand high temperatures.

6. Finished product is cooled on line and rolled with a roller at the end.

* Note: There are many different methods and this is just a breif description of Roll Coating.