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There are many uses for PVC plastisol, and Loes services a broad range of industries and processing methods. Click on the JPEGs or links below to find out more about the types of products we can make. All of our standard plastisol lines can be tailored for a new application according to our customers' needs and specifications.


Industries Served:


Ag and Farming
Textile Screen Printing
Walkoff / Fatigue / Switch Mats


Custom Compounding
Custom Color Matching
Toll Manufacturing
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Technical Assistance
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Product Groups
Hot Dip Molding This process is used for tool handles, wire racks, and miscellaneous parts. Used when coating metal parts or making parts (caps) to be put on to other substrates that can’t withstand the heat. Hot dips are available in a variety of finishes, including glossy, textured, and foam.
Dip Coating This process is used in a variety of products such tool handles, hooks, park and recreational furniture and hog flooring. In dip coating, the formed plastisol part is left on the substrate. And like hot dip coating, are available in a variety of finishes, including glossy, textured, and foam.
Foam Molding  
Textile Screen Printing Used when Printing on textiles, work gloves, hospital socks, and other substrates.
Hot Melt Plastisols Hot melt plastisols are used for a variety of products which include soft bodied fishing lures, molds, and novelty craft items such as figurines.
Slush Molding Plastisols This process is used when part of the mold is open. Used for such products as boots, seat covers, toys, automotive parts, etc.
Rotational Molding (rotocasting) This process is used for molding closed parts such as beach balls, boat bumpers, squeeze toys, bicycle seats, etc.

Fabric Coating
(roll coating spread coating)

Used to apply a layer of Plastisol to fabric, release paper, carpet, coil coating, unsupported film, etc.
Spray coating Plastisols For use when coating vertical pieces and hard to coat pieces.
Casting Molding Plastisols Used when making such products as: floor & bar mats, decorative key chains, toys, bottle cap liners, & gaskets.
Adhesive Plastisols Used when making such products as auto air and oil filters, hood and trunk lining.
Coatings Strippable coatings, misc. industrial coatings, food can coatings, etc.

Products that compliment the use of plastisol

Primers Used to chemically bond plastisol on to metal surfaces.
Mold Releases & Primer Blockers & Masking Agents Used in a variety of applications where the reduction or elimination of adhesion is desired.
Vinyl Inks  
Vinyl Adhesives Used in bonding vinyl and other substrates together.
Patching/Repair Compounds Used in repairing or finishing plastisol-coated products.
Air-dry Inks & Paints Used in fishing lure, jighead applications, and other vinyl products.
Silkscreen Cleaners  
Supported Gloves  
Polymer clay  
Water based Specialties  


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