Foam Molding Plastisols

Plastisols are used in many different foam molding processes. They are used in hot dipping applications, molding, or coating type operations. Molding can be done in both closed and open molds, dipping can be done the same way as the dip molding process, and coating can be done with a roll coating machine on the back side of carpeting etc. Upon fusion the finished product will have chemically expanded closed or open cells. Foams can be formulated to a variety of densities, processing temperatures, and colors. Foams can be used for a variety of applications including flotation devices, insulation, tool handle grips, etc.

Proper processing conditions of foam plastisols will vary by the application. The unique nature of foams dictates more controlled processing conditions.

Processing Guidelines

1. Forced air ovens with good ventilation offer optimum processing conditions.

2. To increase expansion use longer cure cycles.

3. To reduce "overblow" use lower temperatures in shorter cycles. "Overblow" is the excessive expansion caused by the thermal expansion of the gasses from blowing.

4. It is very important if you have a specific processing guideline that you inform us before we do any work on foams. They are formulated to specific processing temperatures and times and sometimes configuration of parts being coated.