Casting / Molding Plastisols

The molding process is used in a number of different situations. Floor & bar mats,decorative key chains, toys, bottle cap liners, gaskets, mud flaps, figurines, washers, oil and air filters, etc. The mold curing process may be done by oven or hot plate.


1. If the mold will be reused, the mold should be coated with a layer of mold release. We recommend our MRV 1000 IPA. Please see instructions for MRV 1000 IPA.

2. Fill the mold cavity with plastisol, add any other parts necessary.

3. The mold and plastisol is then heated by oven or hot plate. When the plastisol reaches 350° to 375° F the mold and part may be taken out of the oven. Caution must be taken with very thick parts- heating should be done gradually in an oven so that the part does not scorch. Approximately 7 minutes per 1/8 " of thickness is required @ 350° to 375° F oven temperature. Parts that are very thick should not be cured with a hot plate.

4. If the mold will be part of the final product, either a primer or a self-adhering type plastisol should be used.

Note: Self-Adhering plastisol is commonly used in the process of making automotive air filters with metal end caps.